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  The origin of Serramel dates back to 1898, the year in which Jorge de Almeida Lima acquired his first beehives and explored them in Quinta do Lameiro, his country estate in the outskirts of Lisbon.
In 1974, two of Jorge Almeida Lima’s great-grandsons decided to restore the old hives, dedicating themselves with body and soul to the beekeeping activity. From Lisbon they moved to Penamacor in Beira Baixa, choosing as Serramel terroir the magnificent landscapes of Serra da Malcata.


Serra da Malcata

Our Habitat is Serra da Malcata, a 21,000 hectare Natural Reserve. Its relief is undulated, with oak forests to the north and large areas of mediterranean thicket, with aboundant heathers and wild lavender. It is the seventh elevation of Continental Portugal and there springs the Bazágueda river, an affluent of Erges. It is in this environment that our bees extract their so appreciated products, in a space of low human activity, where Nature is intact and admirable.



Our Mission is based on the ability to provide our customers with the highest quality Portuguese products with well-defined characteristics, working in line with the best practices and with a permanent innovation, thus assuming a strong identity recognized in technical skills, presentation and quality of all products.
With a centenary history, we aim to maintain quality as a permanent and consistent feature over time. Serramel aims to never lose the seal of unique, genuine, safe and high-quality products which attractive image meets the expectations it creates for its customers.


Euromel holds a group of values that prevailed since the beginning of its history, being a company with environmental, social and cultural concerns.
Its integrity has allowed it to create a spirit of trust in all its partners.
We seek excellence, continually improving the quality of our products and also guaranteeing their food safety.
We aim for a sustainable financial return, in the long term, through innovation and responsible investment, in order to progress in the domestic market and in the internationalization process of the company.
We participate in various social causes, aiming to meet the needs of the participants and giving our contribution to sustainable development; we secure jobs and create wealth in a region that is disadvantaged and strongly affected by human desertification.
Being a beekeeping company, it plays a very important role in Nature and biodiversity; we are an environmentally responsible company, seeking to minimize environmental impacts, using the "three R rule" - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
We respect our employees, seeking to create a team that values opinions, interaction, commitment and dedication to work.


In Portugal we are present in the main stores, from the big distribution to the traditional trade and Gourmet stores.
But Serramel flavours reach more than 20 countries in 4 continents - Europe, America, Asia, and Africa - since international sales already represent 40% of our production.

Note: In Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan our products have an exclusive distributor : Olá Trading Co. Ltd.













United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong

Our processes

Our bee products: Honey, Pollen and Propolis Serramel, are produced by bees in Portugal and bring to you the simple and pure Nature.
Honey is extracted from the combs by traditional means, pollen is collected in the pollen traps and carefully dried and cleaned in our facilities. Their natural flavours remind us of flowers, trees, resin and earth aromas which transport us to their origin.